Ripple Ridge

A town near enough to Tyr to attract some attention from the powers there but far enough away to manage its own affairs.

Ripple Ridge was created a few years ago when a natural Oassis appeared around a newly surfaced spring in the foot hills of the Ringing Mountains.

Farmers and travelers were the first to arrive. The town was invested by a few wealthy from Tyr and a few well known farmers from the region. Many founding members saw the creation of Ripple Ridge as a cast back to earlier times of people. They desired more of a tribal and communal living. However, even as the town was being formed it was quickly realized that the location was neither remote enough nor poor enough to maintain this loose structure. Thus the current Co-Op structure was created as a compromise.

The wealth of the city remains in the control of the city founders a group of farmers and investors.

The town is controlled entirely by a loose governmental organization composed of the city founding families known as the Judicature.

Ripple Ridge is located 75 miles North East of Kled. It lies at the foot of the the Ringing Mountains along the western edge of the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes.

The creation of Ripple Ridge as a town has created a new trade route from Tyr to Urik which historically has been a strong trading avenue. However, since Urik is a sealed city controlled by Hamanu the King of Urik. Only authorized trading companies with Urik licenses are allowed into the city.

One valuable asset to many of the trading groups in Ripple Ridge is access to Urik. This has resulted in a bustling trade within the town between caravans not authorized to enter Urik and those that are.

Ripple Ridge

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