Tag: The Shadows


  • the Shadows

    A rumored [[elven tribes | tribe]] of elves that specializes in smuggling and trade in illegal objects and substances. As such, the Shadows are competitors for the [[Swiftwing | Swiftwings]], and other [[elven tribes]].

  • Chiros

    A human bard, part of an undercover arm the merchants of [[House Wavir | House Wavir]], is a contact for [[the Shadows | the Shadows]]. Chiros is stealthy and accomplished in thievery as well as being adept at bluffing and diplomacy.

  • Traako Onyx

    An elf who claims to be one of the [[Clearwater]] tribe elves -- is often found in the town’s elven market and noted for being a good source of metal objects, is connected to [[the Shadows | the Shadow]] tribe of elves (Dune Trader, p. 57).