Ridea Stiltwalker

Young daughter of Lock Stiltwalker, friend of the stone golem, Chisel


Ridea is a young human girl living a life of relative privilege in Ripple Ridge. Her father Lock Stiltwalker is more concerned with the Judicature and consolidating power than his daughter, and so her life has been a lonely one. At the age of 8 she first discovered the strange rock formation down by the water’s source. Curious, she took a smaller digging pick and began an attempt to break it loose. Three weeks later, the rune on it’s chest activated, and it stepped forward, shaking loose the last bits of rock from it’s form. This creature with few memories of it’s past, eventually took the name “Chisel” and befriended the young girl who had freed him.

Chisel’s attachment to the young Ridea was quite strong, and whenever her curiosity got her in danger, Chisel always appeared, her guardian, ready to risk his life to save her. Ridea’s father has since taken possession of Chisel for the Judicature, and sets him to work fields and to defend the town when attacked; work which Chisel does without complaint. Ridea knows, though, that even though Chisel does her father’s work, he is her friend and guardian, and would undertake any hardship if she so much as asked.


Ridea Stiltwalker

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