Lock Stiltwalker


Born into a world of reckless fighting and little resources Lock Stiltwalker learned early-on to fend for himself. He learned that you had to cheat to get what you want. When he was a child, Lock was constantly abused and harassed about his mother, who had been sent to prison. No one knew why she was there, only that she was. Whenever anyone would mention her, Lock would tear up. Once a group of children harassed him so much that he burst into tears and fell to the ground. That was when Illian, a little elvish boy, came over to Lock and whispered words of poisoned comfort into his ear. Illian told Lock that he should teach the children a lessen in who was in charge. For Lock’s father was a powerful land owner.

So with this newly found poisoned courage, Lock began to plot. Using a few workers from his father’s farm as protection he orchestrated a scene with the bullies.

Before long fists were flying around and just as it looked like it was going badly for Lock the men stepped in and the bullies were soon all on the ground bloodied and thoroughly humiliated. It was then that Illian began to clap and praise Lock for his demonstration of power.

But, this, of course, was a very long time ago. And not soon after that did Lock’s father die. His death sent Lock into a spiraling depression. With his death Lock found his allies were few and far between. He sold his property and ventured forth as part of an expedition to the Ripple Ridge. Illian serving as his right hand man and making most of his decisions kept the man from making true friends. But it is Lock’s greed that is the true master of this man.

Soon Lock had positioned himself well in town and now a powerful member of the Judicature he continues to squeeze where possible. Punishing those he believes are dishonoring him.

Lock is the most outspoken member regarding the council’s ownership of the rock golem, Chisel. He currently is lending Chisel out to work the neep fields for Frick Lumpkin in exchange for some under-the-table money. Lock’s young daughter Ridea Stiltwalker was the one who first discovered and freed Chisel from the rock below the town. She takes issue with her father treating her friend and protector like a possession, but Chisel has yet to complain.


Lock Stiltwalker

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