Khedira Dayjumper

A born runner. Lean, with slender muscles that ripple beneath sun-browned skin. Braided black hair, and dark eyes.


An elf of the Sky Singers tribe, the daughter of Kiiretti Dayjumper, the Sky Singer’s current trade master. She is a scout (ranger) for the clan, well-known for her swiftness and deadly bow.

Khedira is scouting the activities of the merchants of House Stel of Urik, enemies of the Sky Singers, and looking for new suppliers and markets for her tribe. True to her Dayjumper heritage, she is streetwise and knowledgeable, a savvy trader and citizen. Relatively sophisticated for an elf and/or someone in her line of work. Usually found in the elven market of Ripple Ridge conducting surveillance of competitors or resting between adventures in the wastes.


Khedira Dayjumper

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