A serious young human woman whose scars are as much mental as physical.


Gemekaa learned the preservers craft from old Nur-Ayya of the Veiled Alliance while she was a slave in Urik. When members of the slave tribe called the Free released her from bondage there, Gemekaa accepted their invitation to travel with them to Tyr. She only got as far as Ripple Ridge where she settled, and has since gained a measure of respect and authority among the town founders for her knowledge and wisdom. Her arcane powers, and her connection to the Alliance, are secret.

The preserver is constantly on guard, ever watchful of deceit or betrayal. She never wants to be a slave again. She will do whatever she can to assist other preservers in and around Ripple Ridge. Gemekaa carries her spellbook scrolls with her, though she knows this practice will probably get her in trouble one day.



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