Frick Lumpkin

A round, unkempt man whose greasy waistcoat conceals a purse of silver coins


One of the Judicature. Frick Lumpkin’s fortune is derived from neep farming. Neep, a near-flavorless root vegetable is a simple food that is a dietary staple for those unable to afford meats, or the more exotic foods of Athas. One common preparation of neep is to cut it into strips that are then fried in oil.

Lumpkin’s wealth comes at the expense of Ripple Ridge’s poorest inhabitants. Neep is popular in the city-states as inexpensive food for gladiators and slaves, and so Lumpkin exports a sizeable portion of his crop. From his common origins, Lumpkin has risen to a position of power, and does not care to be reminded of his past. He indulges in exotic foods and substances, while putting on airs of sophistication and eloquence that are miserably unsophisticated and ineloquent.

He is dismissive of the poor and their concerns, and frets over the freedoms granted to slaves in Tyr following the revolt there. Lumpkin favors the traders of House M’ke, who don’t have a large presence in Ripple Ridge, but rely on their past wealth (rather like Lumpkin relies on his new wealth) to project an air of prosperity and power.

Lumpkin is easily offended and holds grudges.


Frick Lumpkin

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