Human bard of House Wavir


Of medium height and trim build, Chiros has sun-streaked dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He favors black clothing with bright scarves and sashes and keeps his moustache and beard short and neatly trimmed. He is rarely seen without his carved and polished kora, a large thri-kreen harp. A kora is built from a large Glinflur gourd cut in half and covered with skin to make a resonator, and has a notched bridge like a lute. The 4-foot long neck goes through two holes, one at the top and one at the bottom of the gourd. A ring goes through the neck at the bottom underneath the gourd and the tail strings are tied onto it. A human player uses only the thumb and index finger of both hands to pluck the 21 strings (using the remaining fingers to secure the instrument by holding the hand posts on either side of the strings).

Chiros also bears cahulaks, two four-bladed, hafted heads separated by a length of rope. He is an expert with both the kora and the cahulaks.


A human bard, part of an undercover arm the merchants of House Wavir, is a contact for the Shadows.

Chiros is stealthy and accomplished in thievery as well as being adept at bluffing and diplomacy.


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