Wilden Seeker


Born as the last dying gasp of a millinium old tree in the swamps to the north west of Tyr, we were thrust into this world with purpose: end the willful destruction of nature. The swamp lands of our birth receeded, the water fouling and drying, the earth muddying and hardening into a rough crust. Our home became desolate, isolated.

As our mother tree put us forth she left us with a limb which we have tranformed into a weapon to match our resolve. The natural runic whorling on the curved ends of the bow give it strength and push us to end the corruption. Though alone, we traveled great distances through wastes and forgotten dunes, seeking those who would abuse nature, who would carelessly trample upon those few remaining natural landscapes. We will not allow that which has happened to our home to reoccur again. On the long roads we came across a strange group of wandering nomads. Their pointed ears, large stature and shifty nature were not easy to break through, though with time we became friends. Curious though these creatures were, they were kindred spirits. Learning of them has been our sincerest pleasure, and they are our first true friends.

We stayed with this group, wandering and trading, defending ourselves where necessary – the kreen are, though a beast of nature, truly horrid creatures. As the trading group moved from small town to small town, we became aware of a thriving village to the east of Tyr, Ripple Ridge. Through the network of elves, it became known that there was a creature unearthed there, one not completely natural, and yet being birthed as I was from nature itself. Divining that our destiny lay in finding this being, we said farewells to our comrades and left, given the name of one Aliksai at Ripple Ridge, a second or third cousin to one of the nomads. These elves have a very peculiar sense of family, one I must learn more about.

Finding a caravan, we paid passage to travel with them to Ripple Ridge, whereby we found a small city rife with life of all kinds: muls, elves, humans… We found this Aliksai – who turned out to be a female of the species, interestingly – and were offered a place to rest in the elven district. Finding the constraints of walls to be wholy unnatural, we chose a small covered, yet open shelter on the premises to reside. We have asked around, and this unearthed being appears to be Chisel, whom we intend to seek out and learn of. A birthing from the earth is like the spring, after their long winter slumber underground. We hope to find a kindred spirit in this one.


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